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Why wireless is the smart choice

3rd April 2017

Wireless sensor technology has many benefits in both new build and retrofit applications, as Sandy Damm, Managing Director of Sontay, explains.
We have fully adopted wireless technology in our homes; we can turn the kettle on without leaving the comfort of our sofas and even turn on the heating before we leave the office at night. However, we have only just started to embrace the power of wireless in commercial buildings. Contractors are keen to learn more about the latest innovations including wireless technology and electrical wholesalers are perfectly placed to educate their customers on the benefits of wireless.

Ease of installation
One of the key considerations when installing a control system is how long it will take, the disruption it could cause and the cost. By eliminating the need for structural cabling during sensor installation, wireless devices can greatly reduce engineering time and installed project cost. This enables faster and easier installation on new buildings and also opens up the opportunity for control specialists to retrofit energy efficient HVAC controls into existing commercial and public buildings.

In projects that feature our SonNet family of wireless sensors, we are typically finding total installed cost savings of 30% and more over comparable wired sensor installations. At a time, when reducing costs are a priority on many projects, proven wireless technology can bring significant benefit.