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15th May 2017

Sontay Smart Controller

Buildings are becoming smarter and more connected than ever before, with smart sensor solutions leading the way. As an expert in field control devices, Sontay has introduced a new and innovative SC-ST-x Smart Temperature Controller, which is set to provide local control of HVAC systems using BACnet MS/TP. This new controller brings greater efficiency to the user in the operation of commercial buildings, such as hotels, offices and even smart homes.

Depending on the model you choose, the Smart Temperature Controller will operate as a proportional integral (P+I) controller, and will switch HVAC devices ON/OFF or outputs modulating 0-10V control signals for modern EC fans and actuators. Control signals are transmitted via a cost efficient 2-wire RS-485 bus communicating using BACnet MS/TP.

Offering close control of heating, cooling and ventilation demand within modern building control systems, this perfectly encompasses the needs of contractors, installers and integrators alike. Additional inputs options include window contact, occupancy detectors and remote temperature sensing into the built in control strategy, heightening the amount of smart user interaction and energy efficiency.  

More information about the product specifications can be found on our product page and downloadable datasheets, which outline the installation requirements. The Smart Controller also benefits from a three-year warranty.