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14th March 2019

I have been working at Sontay for 20 years, and my current role as Factory Manager is that of overseeing the warehousing and manufacturing teams & processes. I was only 16 when I started my journey into manufacturing, back then I had no grey hairs!
Throughout the years I have seen many changes, from when I started as a young boy labelling products in goods inwards, to manufacturing the products themselves, to where I am now as Factory Manager. We have steadily grown into the forerunner of UK sensor manufacturing and throughout maintaining our BSI ISO9001 & 14001 Quality & Environmental certification.
The technology we use has moved along significantly and we have been an Innovator in this field. When I first started we manufactured simple thermistor temperature products, back then we didn’t even manufacture our own RH products. We now have our wireless range, our own RH & CO2 in house along with our pressure range and BacNet & Modbus smart products. We have had to upskill our employees to keep up with technological advances in the market.
“Quality” & “Manufactured in the UK” has always been our part of our mission and something that has been a differentiating factor between us and our competitors. 

I’m lucky enough to lead a great team at Sontay that fully committed to quality. Together creating a culture of care & continuous improvement is top of our agenda. We encourage & empower our employees with easy access to our Quality Concern Tools and increasing employee awareness is key, they are the ones day in day out that affect change. These tools allow our employees to report on issue such as a defective product or component before they move any further along in the chain. It may also be a process change that’s takes step towards increasing the robustness of our testing and process procedures. We welcome any feedback that leads to positive change and ensure that these are followed through the chain and communicated to find a satisfactory resolution. 

Goods Inwards is our first line of defence of prevention. we have to ensure that we have robust processes and procedures in place so that everything we receive meets our standard and expectations. Our vast range means that We hold thousands of items on our inventory, from a screw to a thermistor, from a PCB to a CO2 sensor, no component or product is more important. The last thing we want is for a defective item to enter our warehousing stream.
Testing is a crucial line of defence that’s why we 100% test each one of our TT, RH, CO2, GS, RF range to ensure that we live up to what we say with our 5-year warranty guarantee. You have put your confidence in Sontay as a brand and we need to ensure that we fulfill and exceed your expectations not once but every time and we will continue to strive for perfection & excellence at whatever cost.

Danny Hooper, Factory Manager