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2nd April 2019

An update on our plan for Brexit…
Due to the uncertainty regarding Brexit, we previously advised customers about our plan to maintain operations no matter what the outcome may be.  Here is an update on the points discussed previously:
We have increased stock levels on core products throughout our markets.  A vast investment has been made to stock holding and storage to ensure key components and products are still available in case of any impending delays.
Our plan to maintain supply into the EU in case of a “no deal” Brexit has continued to take effect.  Sontay Europe SASU is now fully up and running and customers in the EU will start to see their accounts migrate from Sontay Ltd over to Sontay Europe SASU.  Customers will be notified in writing when they are due to migrate with all information regarding the administration and details such as bank accounts and address.  The logistics platform has been selected and we are in the process of setting up the IT infrastructure and organising transition of stock.
We very much value our relationships with EU customers and hope that our plan will alleviate any concerns over continuity of supply no matter what the outcome.  Of course, we understand there may be many questions relating to this and we are open to any discussion with our customers on this topic.