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3rd April 2019

Sontay’s mission is to create healthier and more energy efficient 
buildings that support businesses, help people and protect the planet. 
We provide solutions that improve the indoor environment, reduce 
energy consumption and put sustainability at the heart of innovation

How we do it? 

Healthy People, Healthy Buildings


Never before has this been more relevant. Over the last few years, there has been a shift in thinking from just focusing on buildings energy efficiency to the health, wellbeing and comfort of those who occupy a building. Rightly so, as it is estimated that we spend around 90% of our time indoors. 

Concern about the quality of the indoor environment is not something new. In the 1980s the World Health Organisation coined the term ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ to highlight the effects of buildings that had indoor air quality issues. We were one of the first companies to manufacture CO2 sensors for schools to ensure adequate ventilation and avoid student drowsiness. 

Armed with more knowledge about the effects a building can have on its occupants, there have been major developments in solutions for indoor air quality. The business benefits have also swayed opinion as the comfort and wellbeing on employees can aid productivity, reduce sick days and even attract new staff. These factors can have just as big an effect on the bottom line as energy savings or improvements in maintenance efficiency.

The origin of the Sontay name actually comes from the French word Santé, meaning health. Our heritage and our expertise are intertwined with helping to improve the indoor environment, whether that’s for the benefit of the building itself or the occupants within it. Not only are our products vital in maintaining healthy environments for us to work or play in but the bigger picture is that of the health of our planet.


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Sustainability & energy efficiency


Sontay is committed to protecting against adverse environmental impacts by preventing pollution and defending the natural environment from degradation arising from the company’s activities, through our products and services.  
Our products are fundamental in contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings and the sustainability of the planet. Sensing devices and control solutions help improve building management system performance, reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort levels.

But we are not only committed to delivering solutions that improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the buildings they monitor. We are also thinking about the impact we have on the planet and have been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification for our commitment. 

We are now reusing as much packaging as possible to reduce wastage. The card boxes we receive from suppliers are broken down and fed through a machine to create stuffing for the shipments we send out to customers. The packing team has also reduced the size of our packaging going out to customers. In the office, we have switched all the lighting to LED, we have cut down on printing and are only using environmentally friendly cleaning products.  We have managed to reduce our total waste from 20 tonnes to just under 14 tonnes in the last two years and 60% of our customers now receive information electronically.


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The Sontay difference


Sontay is celebrating its 45th anniversary during 2019. From the very beginning Sontay has been known for its reliability, commitment to customer care and high-quality products. The technology and the products we offer may have changed over the last 45 years, but our aim has always remained the same – to provide our customers with the best products backed up by excellent support.

Our sensors are installed in buildings across the world and product quality and reliability is fundamental to what we do. That’s why we test 100% of our products before they are delivered to a customer, to ensure that we live up to what we say with our 5-year warranty guarantee. We are continuously investing in R&D to bring the very latest technology to our customers and stay ahead of the game when it comes to smart and connected buildings. 

We are experts in what we do. At our headquarters in Edenbridge, Kent, we have a dedicated team that can help customers place orders, answer technical enquiries and give valuable after sales support.  

Sontay has achieved BS EN ISO 9001 for its quality management and ISO 14001 for its environmental management system demonstrating our continuous improvement in every aspect of our organisation. Customers come first and are the most important factor in our business. Competitive pricing, excellent customer service and technical support plus a 5-year product warranty on Sontay branded products all demonstrate our commitment to the customer experience. Continuous innovation, investment in research and development, quality, our employees and customers together make us who we are.