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20th December 2019

Today is a momentous day for Sontay!  It is the day that Danny Hooper leaves us as Factory Manager after 22 years at the company. Considering we have some employees only just born when he joined and one who was born 6 years after - it is a pretty long time to have been in one company. I myself have only ever known a Sontay where Danny has been there.

Danny joined the company as a fresh faced teenager, straight out of school.  He started as a Manufacturing Technician and learned the ropes in making all of Sontay's products and demonstrated an enthusiasm to learn and grow within the business. His career progressed through to Production Manager and then to Factory Manager where he took the helm for the whole of the Warehouse Operation at Sontay. Through his desire to progress he undertook further education in Management to support his role overseeing such an important aspect of the business. His progression through the business is testament to his spirit and desire to achieve and dedication to Sontay as business.  It also demonstrates how Sontay can be a fantastic nurturer of talent and if somebody is willing and enthusiastic to learn they can embark on an incredible career with us.

It is hard to work at Sontay or probably any company for a length of time and not feel an emotional attachment.  Many of us who have been here a long time will understand how it becomes a way of life and almost like a second family.  Therefore, we know how hard it would have been for Danny to make such a big decision in deciding to move on and try something else in life.

There have been many highlights in his career at Sontay and in particular, he showed invaluable enthusiasm when we were implementing our new ERP system and has also been a major supporter and contributor to the company's key environmental improvements and acquiring and maintaining our ISO14001 standard.

The time has come for Danny to enrich his life experience in something other than the Sontay factory and he is off to South Africa to work on conservation projects and gain some further valuable life experience.  Of course, we are going to miss everything that Danny has brought to Sontay over the years and on a personal note I am pretty jealous of his new adventure. Although, I am looking forward to my phone charger not disappearing on a regular basis!

Good luck Danny on your adventures!  Keep us posted on your experiences and make sure you come and see us when you are in the area!

By Stacey Lucas, Commercial & Marketing Director at Sontay