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6th March 2020

Many of our customers are asking us if we are affected by Coronavirus and how we are planning to deal with any eventualities. 
Business as Usual
Sontay are proud to have been manufacturing our trusted product range in the UK for over 45 years and have minimal reliance on supply from China or any of the other regions currently affected by the virus.  
Our current stance is we are operating “Business as Usual” whilst keeping up to date with guidance from authorities such as Public Health England.
In fact, we are operating with excellent stock levels and fulfilling the majority of orders on a next day turnaround with the service our customers have grown to expect.
Our factory is fully staffed and output is running at consistently high levels.
We forward order our products by up to 12 months to allow for fluctuations in forecast and to mitigate issues in supply. Currently, we have 4 month’s stock on the shelves and another 3 month’s stock on the Sea waiting to arrive.
Risk of Contamination
Some customers have asked about the risk of contamination from touching products or components from affected areas.  Any material that is sourced from China is shipped by sea freight on a 6-week service and advice we have received is that the virus can only live on hard surfaces for 2 weeks.  Therefore, we believe there is no risk of contamination.
If you have any further questions on the current situation, please contact one of the team who will be happy to offer further information.