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An RH Sensor – 3 ways

4th June 2020

By Stacey Lucas, Commerical & Marketing Director

Measuring and controlling relative humidity is likely to be far from the minds of anybody not involved in Building Controls. However, when you think about it, the reasons to monitor and control it become obvious in many applications. High or low humidity can have real effects on the fabric of a building and its contents as well as any people occupying it.

Here are 3 examples of where measuring and controlling relative humidity are key in everyday building operation.

In many factories, it is vital to keep the relative humidity within a controlled range to maintain operation of the equipment and the quality of what is being manufactured.  An example would be a print shop where the process relies on the humidity being kept at a consistent level to ensure the ink dries in the correct time frame and the paper does not stick together in the machine and cause jams. 

In a typical office environment, controlling relative humidity can have great effect on occupancy comfort and productivity. Even if the temperature of the workspace is controlled, it will still feel stuffy and clammy if the humidity is too high and in the reverse still feel very cold if the humidity is too low. These conditions are generally a distraction to people being able to carry out their jobs and can also cause lethargy and loss of concentration. In the long term there can also be health issues such as dry skin or dry eyes.

Hospital environments often need close control of many ambient conditions and RH is one that is important in critical areas. High humidity levels can contribute to bacteria growth and controlling them is essential in many spaces within the hopsital. There are numerous articles around at the moment discussing the effect relative temperature and humidity have on the current COVID-19 virus in particular:




These are just 3 examples of where measuring and controlling relative humidity can make a positive impact in the given application. Of course, there are many more applications where RH control has a similar positive impact.

Did you know that Sontay Relative Humidity sensors are currently helping to preserve the Magna Carta at the Guildhall in London?  https://www.sontay.com/en-gb/about-us/news/2014/05/09/sontay-preserves-history-guildhall-art-gallery/

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