James joined as Sontay's first ever apprentice in September 2019. Having just finished his GCSE, he was looking for the next step.

Within a few months, he was able to hold the technical helpline when Tony was out of the office and has been fully adopted by all in our production team.

When did you join the team?

I became part of Team Sontay in November 2019. 

What is your 'Sontay moment'?

Being able to look after the technical support line and emails independently in the first few months of being at Sontay.

What is your favourite part of being at Sontay?

The best part about being at Sontay is the people, being surrounded by very knowledgeable people is great for learning new skills. 

My inspirations?

I wouldn’t really say I have an inspiration, I aspire to be the best at what I do and help out as much as possible.

What do you do outside of Sontay?

  • I like taking my two dogs for a walk
  • Taking photos.