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RF-RXS Network Radio Receivers

The range of SonNet Wireless receivers allows quick and seamless integration of SonNet devices into building management systems. The brand new RF-RXS-B automatically maps data from SonNet end devices into BACnet objects which are transmitted via the vendor independent BACnet IP communication protocol, using a simple web browser interface. The RF-RXS-SIP-T interfaces between SonNet and Trend systems presenting SonNet data as VIQs (25 or 50), or can write values directly into Trend controllers via Ethernet. For projects using the Tridium JACE platform, the RF-RXS as well as the RF-RXS-N Option Card with the SonNet driver enable customers to benefit from wireless sensing and control.

From $629.14
RF-RX-x System Receiver

The Sontay RF-RX20 or RF-RX40 receiver collects data from all other devices on the radio network, including measurements from sensors, link quality for all links formed in the network, battery levels for all battery powered devices, hours run for all devices and the current status of all devices. Note: Each receiver can support a maximum of 16 ‘children’, which can consist of a maximum of 12 battery powered nodes and 4 routers, or up to 16 routers if there are no battery powered nodes.

From $539.69