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RF-RXS Network Radio Receivers


The range of SonNet Wireless receivers allows quick and seamless integration of SonNet devices into building management systems. The brand new RF-RXS-B automatically maps data from SonNet end devices into BACnet objects which are transmitted via the vendor independent BACnet IP communication protocol, using a simple web browser interface. The RF-RXS-SIP-T interfaces between SonNet and Trend systems presenting SonNet data as VIQs (25 or 50), or can write values directly into Trend controllers via Ethernet. For projects using the Tridium JACE platform, the RF-RXS as well as the RF-RXS-N Option Card with the SonNet driver enable customers to benefit from wireless sensing and control.


  • Internally mounted JACE option card (RF-RXS-N)
  • Compatibility for Trend IQ3 and IQ4 (RF-RX-SIP-T)
  • Seamless integration into BACnet IP over Ethernet (RF-RXS-B)
  • Sensing and controlling without the need of structural cabling
  • Minimal downtime and costs for installation


Download full datasheets for these products below.

RF-RXS-SIP BACnet User manual RF-RXS-B RF-RXS-N RF-RXS JACE User Manual
Code Name Price Quantity
RF-RXS Receiver DIN-Rail Mounted Network Radio Receiver
1+ (USD) $681.56
RF-RXS-B SonNet Wireless Receiver BACnet IP
1+ (USD) $708.46
RF-RXS-N Internally Mounted Network Radio Receiver
1+ (USD) $629.14
RF-RXS-SIP-T-25 SIP SonNet/Trend 25 Points c/w Power Supply
1+ (USD) $3879.67
RF-RXS-SIP-T-50 SIP SonNet/Trend 50 Points c/w Power Supply
1+ (USD) $4784.05
Code Name Price Quantity
RF-SERIAL Serial Cable 6ft/1.8m MXT100
1+ (USD) $41.94