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PM-CS-F Current Switches (fixed setpoint types)


Sontay’s range of current switches offer adjustable or fixed setpoint’s and provides accurate, reliable and maintenance-free operation. Output switching options include 30Vac/dc @ 1A or 240Vac @ 1A, with current ratings of up to 150A. Both versions have a unique self-gripping feature which allows the switch to literally clip on to a cable without the need for a base mounting plate.


  • Process equipment status
  • Monitoring critical motors (compressors etc.)
  • Verifying lighting circuits
  • Detection of motor failure
  • Detection of fan belt breakage


Download a full datasheet for this product below.

Code Name Price Quantity
PM-CS-F-01 Current Switch 0.35 - 150A Fixed Split Core
1+ (USD) $80.58
PM-CS-F-02 Current Switch 0.25 - 150A Fixed Solid Core
1+ (USD) $47.01
PM-CS-F-03 Current Switch 0.50 - 150A Fixed Split Core
1+ (USD) $122.47