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SC-AC-Gateways - Smart Gateways for Air Conditioners


The IntesisBox gateways for Air Conditioners help improve the integration time of the most popular AC brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi or Toshiba into BMS, SCADA or EMS system via Modbus or BACnet. For Modbus a common register map can be used across the range no matter which manufacturer. For BACnet the IntesisBox range offers all the necessary BACnet objects to integrate the AC units into projects. Additional ranges for Fujitsu, LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Hisense or Panasonic are available on request.


  • Available in BACnet MS/TP plus IP or Modbus
  • Integration of many extra points like number of hours, window status, remote lock, outside temperature
  • Integration of on/off, mode, setpoint, ambient temperature, fan speed, vanes, errors
  • Daikin Domestic Line S21 or Skyair/VAV Line via P1P2, Toshiba or Mitsubishi
  • Automation, building management, hotel management, HAVC and many more
Code Name Price Quantity
SC-DK-AC-BAC-1 AC Gateway Daikin Domestic line S21 - BACnet
1+ (USD) $702.16
SC-DK-AC-MBS-1 AC Gateway Daikin Domestic line S21 - Modbus
1+ (USD) $591.13
SC-DK-RC-BAC-1 AC Gateway Daikin Skyair/VAV line P1P2 - BACnet
1+ (USD) $702.16
SC-DK-RC-MBS-1 AC Gateway Daikin Skyair/VAV line P1P2 - Modbus
1+ (USD) $591.13
SC-ME-AC-BAC-1 AC Gateway Mitsubishi - BACnet
1+ (USD) $702.16
SC-ME-AC-MBS-1 AC Gateway Mitsubishi - Modbus
1+ (USD) $591.13
SC-TO-RC-BAC-1 AC Gateway Toshiba – BACnet
1+ (USD) $702.16
SC-TO-RC-MBS-1 AC Gateway Toshiba – Modbus
1+ (USD) $591.13