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SC-FS-EZ-x Fieldserver EZ Gateways into BACnet/Modbus


The EZ Gateway is an easy to use, high-performance building and industrial automation protocol gateway for integrators to interface M-Bus, Modbus or KNX products in commercial buildings, campuses and industrial facilities


  • NOTE: The prices for these products are net prices. Account discounts do not apply.
  • PRICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST - Contact sales@sontay.com
  • KNX: The EZ Gateways KNX interface is compatible with all KNX certified products. Easy data mapping via built in KNX data map graphical user interface and import of XML and ESF files.
  • Modbus: Supports virtual nodes allowing each Modbus device connected to a single EZ Gateway to be seen as a separate device on the BACnet network. The webinterface is used to configure the local network settings and create profiles for Modbus devices.
  • M-Bus: M-Bus Explorer and Device Profiles App allow each M-Bus device to be auto-discovered, templatised and presented to quickly configure new M-Bus devices. This makes each corresponding M-Bus device into a virtual BACnet device within the EZ Gateway, thereby providing granular visibility and control over each device via BACnet.