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RF-RS-R Humidity & Temperature Sensors


Sensor nodes are used in conjunction with the Sontay RF-RX20, RF-RX40 or RF-RX-x receiver units, and if required (depending on installation topography), Sontay RF-RR series of routers.


  • Data is transmitted back to the receiver at configurable time intervals, or on a configurable change in measured value.
  • Each sensor retains these configurations if the battery becomes discharged or requires replacement.
  • The sensors automatically find the best path back to the receiver, which may be directly to the receiver or via ‘parent’ routers.


Download a full datasheet for this product below.

Code Name Price Quantity
RF-RS-R-1000 Space RH and T Sensor
1+ (USD) $256.90
RF-RS-R-622 Duct RH and T Sensor
1+ (USD) $283.11
RF-RS-R-631 Wall Humidity Sensor
1+ (USD) $283.11
RF-RS-R-632 Outside Humidity Sensor
1+ (USD) $773.31