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When SonNet was released in 2010 it revolutionised the way people saw wireless sensing in the HVAC industry.The robust self-healing tree and the ability to prove signal strengths and network formation with the site survey kit before installation took all of the worry and hassle out of choosing a wireless system rather than a traditional wired one.

The popularity of the initial release and the subsequent radio receiver and Niagara AX option card was great recognition for Sontay as a lot of hard work went into developing SonNet so that it was fit for application requirements.

This success and the feedback we have received from customers has fuelled the demand to open up the system further and to continue evolving the product range.  We believe that in the coming years, wireless sensing in HVAC applications will become just as typical as wifi internet in our homes and businesses today.  The benefits and ease of using SonNet in retrofit and new build applications along with the flexibility for changes in the future make this a winning solution. 

Watch the video for more information: