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SonNet CMS

Configuration and Monitoring Software (CMS)

The CMS is used to commission wireless networks (automatically or manually) and to view the resulting network, both textually and graphically. It can show device hours run, battery status, radio link quality, as well as configuring device parameters such as measurement interval and send on significant change values.

To add devices to the map display, simply ‘drag-and-drop’ from the text hierarchical display onto the graphic background. A graphic background, typically a floor plan, can be imported, and once the graphical map has been completed and all SonNet devices added, the final layout can be saved. 

Add the receiver to the plan first, then routers, followed by battery powered nodes. Links are automatically generated, showing the true network architecture. 

Different icons are used to depict the receiver, routers and battery powered node, making identification easy. The icons also depict the status of the device, and change to reflect whether a device is OK, out-of-limits, off-line or has a low battery.

Download Software & Supporting User Guides Below:

Download SonNet CMS Software (71.3 MB)

RF-RXS_Driver_Tridium 13.59 (279.8 KB)