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Single Output Duct Relative Humidity Sensor


A valuable feature of this sensor is its ability to automatically detect what the controller input its set to, 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc. This removes the requirement for output jumpers that can be inadvertently set incorrectly. On board LED indication of which output type is in operation is provided.Also available with a passive resistive output for temperature, along with other passive outputs.


  • High stability and reliability
  • Auto-detection 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output, 3-wire only
  • Direct thermistor option available
  • LCD display option


Download hieronder een volledig gegevensblad voor dit product.

Code Naam Prijs Hoeveelheid
RH-D-UN Duct Mounted RH Sensor
1+ (USD) $181.82
RH-D-UN-A Duct Mounted RH Sensor 10K3A1
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-B Duct Mounted RH Sensor 10K4A1
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-C Duct Mounted RH Sensor 20K6A1
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-D Duct Mounted RH Sensor PT100A
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-E Duct Mounted RH Sensor PT1000A
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-G Duct Mounted RH Sensor Ni1000A/TCR
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-H Duct Mounted RH Sensor SAT1
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-L Duct Mounted RH Sensor TAC1
1+ (USD) $213.85
RH-D-UN-Z Duct Mounted RH Sensor 10K
1+ (USD) $213.85