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Input/Output Modules

IO-ABM Analogue Overide Module

Intended for applications which require independent manual override of analogue output channels from a BMS controller, as a fail-safe in the event of controller failure. Enables actuators to be manually overridden from the panel where local access is difficult. Also useful for commissioning or temporary control of plant prior to controller installation.

From $161.94
IO-A-RM - Analogue Re-Scaling Module

For signal rescaling, the IO-A-RM can accept either a voltage or current input which can be rescaled to either a voltage or current output. The signal rescaling is achieved by using the trimming potentiometers and jumpers links. The IO-A-RM can also reverse an input signal.

From $183.47
IO-A-UD R/L to Analogue Module

The IO-A-UD accepts a raise/lower relay signal and provides a 0-10Vdc output. Additional features include Hand/Off/Auto jumper for manual override, LED status indication and selectable hysteresis.

From $248.54
IO-DIM Digital Input Multiplexers

These modules are intended for use with BMS controllers to expand their input capacity by multiplexing four or six digital signals, or 4 or 6 x 24Vac/dc inputs into a single analogue controller unit. Each combination of input states corresponds to an analogue value from the IO-DIM-4 and IO-DIM-6 which can be decoded into four or six digital status bits.

From $49.44
IO-RM Relay Modules

This range of relay modules is intended for use with BMS controllers to convert an analogue control output to various switching relay modes. Example applications include the control of raise/lower valves, damper actuators, pump changeover and boiler control. LEDs indicate correct operation and Hand/Off/Auto jumpers ease commissioning. Low current draw from 0-10Vdc controller output means that the IO-RM range works successfully with most BEMS controllers.

From $9.34