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Ever wondered how indoor environments are controlled? 


When you are staying in a hotel or at the shopping centre, there is an intelligent building management system measuring and controlling things like temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.  This maintains occupancy comfort levels and also conserves energy by monitoring occupancy and light levels and switching off heating or air conditioning when optimum levels are met.

Imagine Hive, Nest or Alexa on a much larger scale!  This technology has been around for a long time in Building Management and with the rise in IoT and cloud data it is growing rapidly.  

Sontay design and manufacture the sensing devices that feed the data to the building management systems to create a Smart Building.  With our strong ethics in customer service we are renowned in the industry for excellence in this field.

The company has a lively and friendly atmosphere and nurtures an environment of pro-active self-starters who are able to come up with ideas and offer suggestions.  This leads to a proven track record for professional development with many team members having been in the company for 10 years or more and risen through the ranks.   These employees have shown dedication and team work whilst having grown their knowledge and skills to hold essential senior positions within the business.


Vacancy - 

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To apply for any role on this page, please email your CV with a covering explanation to careers@sontay.com.