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Smart Communication

PA-6P-2-COM - Multi-Conf Air DP Sensor with SMART communication

The PA-6P-2-COM differential pressure transmitter is ideal for measuring filter conditions, as well as many other applications in ventilation/air conditioning systems in buildings, laboratory’s and clean rooms (air and non-corrosive gases). Four field-selectable pressure ranges and selectable Modbus/BACnet outputs, which are easily defined by user selection switches.

From $250.21
SC-FS-EZ-x Fieldserver EZ Gateways into BACnet/Modbus

The EZ Gateway is an easy to use, high-performance building and industrial automation protocol gateway for integrators to interface M-Bus, Modbus or KNX products in commercial buildings, campuses and industrial facilities

SC-FS-IOT-x FieldServer BACnet Internet of Things Gateway

The BACnet Internet of Things Gateway offers all you would expect from a high end Explorer product and more. It not only automatically discovers BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP networks, but with Monitor View and Historian features, device data points can be precisely tracked and logged for analysis. Additionally it also acts as a Wifi Access Point for remote access from any mobile device without user restrictions. Cellular data (SIM card required) is an option.

SC-FS-ROUTER-BAC Fieldserver BACnet Router

This BACnet Router offers a complete BACnet Internetworking solution for BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet, and BACnet MS/TP networks. This is the first standalone BACnet Router that has been certified by BTL to ensure the highest standard for BACnet integration.

SC-AC-Gateways - Smart Gateways for Air Conditioners

The IntesisBox gateways for Air Conditioners help improve the integration time of the most popular AC brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi or Toshiba into BMS, SCADA or EMS system via Modbus or BACnet. For Modbus a common register map can be used across the range no matter which manufacturer. For BACnet the IntesisBox range offers all the necessary BACnet objects to integrate the AC units into projects. Additional ranges for Fujitsu, LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Hisense or Panasonic are available on request.

From $591.13
SC-IO-24 Smart Communication IO Module

The Sontay Smart communication I/O-Module extends your system when your application requires additional inputs and outputs on a physical controller. Integrating the 20 IO points with your BMS provides a simple and cost effective expansion of a new or existing controller

From $322.00
SC-ST-x - Smart Temperarture Controllers

The range of Smart Temperature Controllers offer tight control of heating, cooling and ventilation demand in modern building control systems such as hotels or office buildings. Depending on the chosen model, operation is either as a conventional thermostat or a P+I controller, with relay output switching or modulating 0-10V control signals for modern EC fans and actuators. Additional inputs include energy saving, configurable for either window contact or occupancy detector, and remote temperature sensing into the built in control strategy. The respective control parameters are available via the cost efficient 2-wire RS-485 bus, using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. This allows centralised supervision of HVAC systems, with defined local access into the control strategy which makes this range ideal for large building projects aiming for high energy efficiency and smart user interaction.

From $216.37
SC-x - Smart Communication Sensor

This is a concept for total environmental sensing in a single space or plant housing. Each sensor measures a predefined selection of variables. All option outputs are available via BACnet MS/TP or ModBus RT. The databus type is user-selectable. If your application has specific requirements, this sensor can be tailored with a wide range of options. Contact us at sales@sontay.com for information.

From $136.62
ST-TOUCH Touch Screen Thermostat

The ST-TOUCH range of touch screen thermostats, offers intuitive ambient temperature control with a modern design to maximize energy efficiency. Whether flush or surface mounted its slim cell-phone like design and full touch screen operation definitely has its finger on the pulse of the time.

From $266.86