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Valves & Actuators

VA Damper, Valve & Failsafe Actuators VA Damper, Valve & Failsafe Actuators

A range of damper actuators, 24V or 230V powered, On/OFF, raise/lower or modulating control, from 4Nm to 32Nm torque. Suitable for dampers and butterfly valves.

VR Rotary Shoe Valves VR Rotary Shoe Valves

A range of 3-port flanged cast iron or threaded brass rotary shoe valves, with linkages to suit the VA series of actuators.

VZ Zone Valves & Actuators VZ Zone Valves & Actuators

A range of zone valves, complete with actuators, designed for On/Off control of fluid flow in a variety of heating and cooling applications, including AHUs and FCUs.