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BRK - Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket to be used with PL-PSA Liquid Pressure Switch and ST-FRE Capillary Frost Thermostats.

From $9.17
DFK - Duct Fixing Kit

A Duct Fixing Kit to be used with all air pressure switches and sensors. The kit consists of 2m (6.56 ft), 5mm (0.20") i/d plastic tubing, 2 x pitot tubes and 4 x fixing screws. A DFK is supplied with every air pressure switch and sensor sold but spares can also be purchased.

DPA - Duct Probe Adjustment Flange

The DPA is used in conjunction with the AV-622 Air Velocity Probe to adjust the depth of the probe that is inserted into the duct. This is particularly useful in smaller ducts so that you can measure air velocity from the centre of the duct which is optimal for accurate measurement. It can also be used with the RH-622.

From $43.69
GASKET - Insulating Gasket

An insulating gasket for use with space temperature sensors. The gasket reduces the amount of conductive temperature passed through to the sensor from the surface it is mounted on to ensure that the temperature measured is that of the air in the room.

From $36.70
Pitot tubes

Aluminium pitot tubes for Air Pressure sensors, switches or transmitters

PL-HS - Pressure Transmitter Heat Sink

Pressure Transmitter Heat Sink to be used with our PL Static Pressure Sensors.

From $122.07
PL-PIG - Copper Tubing & Fitting

2m (6.56ft) of 6mm (0.24") copper tubing & fitting to be used with PL-PSA Liquid Pressure Switches.

From $59.24
PM-PMK - Panel door mounting kit for PM-EM24

Panel door mounting kit for energy analyser (DIN-rail) PM-EM24

From $56.44
ST-DFK - Capillary Frost Stat Fixing Clip

Pack of six additional capillary fixing clips for the ST-FRE Capillary Frost Thermostats.

From $14.42
ST-IMM-PKT - Replacement stainless steel pocket

Replacement stainless steel pocket for the ST-I range of Immersion Thermostats.

From $57.67
TEE - Air Pressure Tee Piece (Pk 10)

A pack of 10 Tee pieces for use with PA Air pressure switches and sensors.

From $61.60
TT-DFP - Duct Flange Plate

A duct flange plate to adjust the depth of probe exposed in the duct when using the TT-342 High Temperature Immersion Sensor, TT-554 Remote Probe Sensor and TT-322 Duct Temperature Sensor.

From $24.90