Sensing is what we do… 

Whatever the building, whatever the HVAC system or equipment, we have the devices to measure and control the environment.

Sontay's Open Range Application is now available!

SORA - How far can you go?

We are very excited for the launch of our new wireless Sensor SORA. 

SORA is designed for projects that require a fast turnaround, with minimal interruption and downtime and minimal costs. 

SORA is the ultimate solution for wireless sensing in BMS applications.

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About Sontay

Sontay is a market leader, providing sensing and peripheral devices that are vital in any building controls application to provide essential data. Our team are experts in their field and know everything there is about how to implement our devices into your application. We pride ourselves in offering the ultimate service experience and love nothing better than to be able to help and support our customers in their projects.

For over 45 years, we have led the way with innovation and technical advancements by investing in research and development.

Technology is forever moving forward and the Sontay product development team work hard to ensure its products incorporate the latest methods and ensure they offer high accuracy and reliability.

What our products bring to buildings


Our devices are installed behind the scenes in the buildings plant area to provide early warning of system problems or initiate safety shut off of zones.


Installation of our devices can support building efficiency by only utilising heating, ventilation and lighting when it is needed.


By monitoring the ambient environment in a building and controlling efficiently, you can improve not only the environment of the building occupants but the planet too.


Monitoring and controlling indoor conditions can have a considerable effect on the occupants wellbeing.


Occupancy comfort is important in any indoor environment. In the workplace, productivity is improved if the ambient conditions are controlled at optimum levels.


Reliability is key to our customers.  You can trust in our product reliability in the field and also our team in doing what they say they are going to do.

What our customers say about us

Product quality

98 %

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How easy are we to deal with?

98 %

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On-time Delivery

97 %

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