Dammam Medical Tower is a 400-bed hospital based in Dammam, the sixth-most populated city in Saudi Arabia and capital of the country’s Eastern Province. As part of a recent refurbishment, 40 isolation rooms were introduced to the hospital in order to cope with an increase in COVID-19 patients. 

Maintaining close control of room humidity in isolated areas of a hospital is critical to a patient’s health. In these spaces high humidity can contribute to bacteria growth, which medical experts claim may have particular effect on the COVID-19 virus. Studies show that when cold, dry air is warmed once indoors, relative humidity drops by 20%. Such a decrease makes it easier for airborne viral particles - which is how the coronavirus is transmitted - to travel. 

An effective control strategy, therefore, was required to combat detrimental changes in air humidity within the Dammam Medical Tower’s isolation rooms. Sontay had just the solution. Its space mounted relative humidity and temperature (RH&T) sensors use the latest high-accuracy technology to improve and maintain a healthy indoors environment. 

For the Dammam Medical Tower project, the Sontay RH&T sensors were installed to monitor the isolation rooms. 

As well as being renowned for their accurate and reliable function, Sontay’s RH&T sensors are extremely quick and simple to install. This contributed to their specification for the Dammam Medical Tower, as the hospital required a temperature and humidity monitoring solution with some urgency due to the growing COVID crisis. Delivery times and excellent customer service were another factor in choosing Sontay, with the company earning praise for its same-day shipping of materials to support the hospital at the pandemic’s height.  

Further, Sontay’s products are covered by a five-year warranty, providing customers with long-term peace of mind of their quality and performance. This is particularly important to clients in countries outside of the UK. In such cases, Sontay’s customer service teams are able to offer first-class product support; from specification, to installation and beyond.

Sontay…key project facts

Dammam Medical Tower, a 400-bed hospital based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia introduced 40 isolation rooms to treat COVID-19 patients. 

The Requirement

Sontay sensors RH&T sensors were assigned to each room to monitor humidity and temperature levels.

Sontay sensors installed:  RH-S Space Mounted RH & T sensors. 

The Results

The hospital was provided with easy-to-install temperature and humidity sensors at a crucial time during the coronavirus crisis. These will provide precise and constant air regulation in 40 isolation rooms designed to rehabilitate COVID-19 patients whilst keeping other areas of the hospital infection-free.