Donal is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has been working at Sontay since 2008. Donal is based in Co. Limerick, Ireland and manages International Sales for both the Republic and Northern Ireland, Scandinavia and our Rest of the World regions. 

Donal works closely with customers in these territories to provide service and support for project quotations, product application advice and much more. Donal is passionate about helping customers and building long term sustainable business relationships.

When did you join the team? 

I became part of Team Sontay in May 2008.

What is your 'Sontay moment'?

How we all knuckled down during the Covid lockdown to keep the business going in difficult times.

What is your favourite part of being at Sontay?

The team of Colleagues.

My inspirations?   

My Inspiration is spending time with my wife Alice and my Children Owen and Rosanna.

What do you do outside of Sontay?

  • I like to watch sport
  • Go walking
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with Alice.