With an extensive track record spanning more than two decades, Mark has a wealth of expertise in executive leadership. His distinguished career has seen him hold pivotal director-level positions within the lighting and switchgear sectors, making a resounding impact both on the domestic and international stage.

Mark's illustrious background reflects a relentless drive to orchestrate comprehensive sales expansion, ignite brand development, and catapult companies into exponential growth. His strategic vision, coupled with an unwavering focus on employees and customers alike, positions him as a true catalyst for success.

When did you join the team?

January 2019 as Sales Director and then became MD on February 1st 2020.

What is your 'Sontay moment'?

Successfully leading our business through the challenges of C19. Especially in lockdown 1 when there was a lot of uncertainty and fear in the world. We looked after our people who in turn looked after our customers. 

What is your favourite part of being at Sontay?

It ‘might’ sound corny, but I really enjoy the almost tangible sense of team spirit that flows throughout the company. Everyone is empowered/trusted to make daily decisions for the best of the business. If I had to pick one favourite aspect of my job it would be face to face interaction with our people/our customers, as this was missing from my role for large periods of time during C19.

My inspirations?

  • My father – John Newton
  • Arnold Nossek – The best leader I have worked for
  • Jim Robinson – A great businessman, mentor and customer
  • David Goggins – Ex Navy seal, athlete, mind coach

What do you do outside of Sontay?

  • Compete in Ultra runs +30 – 85 miles
  • Walk my dog
  • Enjoy a good  pint
  • Spend time with positive people who make me laugh