The Sontay Academy offers the latest Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) courses.

The BCIA have been providing training for many years in conjunction with ECA and Siemens.  This training is fundamental in ensuring that standards in the industry are maintained and offers newcomers the ability to learn the skills required to become an engineer.

Since March 2016, Sontay has held these training courses at their purpose built training facility in Edenbridge, Kent. And have since grown to now offer them at training facilities in Leeds, Bristol & Uxbridge, and also online.

In 2018 The BCIA reviewed the courses therefore creating a more interactive learning journey and ensuring that they are suitable for everyone within the building controls industry.

When attendees successfully complete BCM01-BCM03, they will be awarded with a Technical Certificate and an Advanced Technical Certificate when they pass BCM04-BCM06.

In its position as a BCIA training partner, Sontay is running these courses with the new course material provided by the association.

The course topics are:

  • BCM00 – Introduction to building controls & HVAC
  • BCM01 – Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Technology
  • BCM02 – Measuring & Control Technology
  • BCM03 – Hydraulics in Building Services
  • BCM04 – Control Function of Heating Plants
  • BCM05 – Control of Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • BCM06 – Control of Cooling systems