Sontay Beta Testing Process

Before releasing products for Beta testing, we subject them to an In-House test process where they need to pass a stringent procedure. These products are also sent to external test houses for testing such as: EMC, IP, BTL, measurements accuracy and many more. The Beta prototypes will carry the CE/UKCA mark.

Feedback and data collection are extremely valuable to Sontay for future R&D.

Information on product design, commissioning and data collection are critically reviewed and relevant changes applied to the product. After the Beta testing, Sontay have found an increase in product quality and customer confidence. The overall project where product were Beta tested can also be part of the marketing strategy and used as a case study for the official launch.

The ideal project for Beta Testing SORA

Wireless sensing

You need wireless sensing & you're interested in exploring new technology.

Save time & money

You have a project that would benefit from the speed of install & cost savings that SORA could bring.

Seamless interoperability

A project requiring seamless interoperability between manufacturers.

Easy access

A project with easy access in order to allow monitoring of the testing phase.

What is in it for you?

For this, we will need to establish what you would like as a way of thank you for helping us. This will depend on the size of project and products involved, but could include:

  • Discounted or free product – depending on product, project, circumstance
  • Free publicity for the project and company through a case study
  • Enhanced discount on other products used on the testing
  • Individual incentives for staff involved such as Amazon/iTunes vouchers or lunch/dinner

What will you have to do?

  1. Agree in principle to beta test Sontay’s new SORA product for us
  2. Using the datasheet and bench testing, confirm the product is the right one for the application
  3. Install and commission the product with Sontay’s support and supervision
  4. Provide feedback from key employees involved in the project through interview, meeting and/or survey…

That is it! You have done your part.

Now it is for us to review the collected data and analyse the findings.

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