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A range of accessories are available to help fix and install our products.

Air Quality & Gas Detection

Control air quality for comfort and vitality using our air quality and CO2 sensing equipment.

Air & Water Flow

Measure the speed and volume of air and liquid with our air and water flow products.


Our range of controllers offer many benefits through intelligently controlling heating and ventilation systems. This facilitates not only the comfort of the occupant but also savings in energy, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Input/Output Modules

IO modules offer capability for rescaling, converting, isolating and overriding signals from BMS controllers.

Light Level & Occupancy

The light level and occupancy sensors can be used for security and energy savings. There are also bespoke user interface solutions for those projects that require a more specific solution.

Power Monitoring

Metering is a major requirement through EU legislation in new building and refurbishments. Sontay offer a full range of water, heat, gas and energy meters as well as expert technical advice for your application.


The pressure range consists of switches and sensors for air and liquid. They offer monitoring and indication of flow in HVAC applications to ensure systems are working correctly.

Relative Humidity

Our Relative Humidity sensors are renowned for their accuracy and reliability and are available for a variety of applications.


Our products are renowned for their accuracy and reliability and are available for a variety of applications.

Valves & Actuators

A range of valves, actuators and solenoid valves for the control of water and gas.

Water Detection & Emergency Products

The water detection and emergency products range offer products that can provide early indication of the presence of water as well as emergency shutdown capabilities.

Smart Communication

Communication through smart protocols is rapidly increasing in popularity. The enhanced Smart Communication range from Sontay, offers a wide range of products that can communicate through BACnet, Modbus or Mbus protocols.


SonNet, our wireless sensing range offers the same accuracy and reliability as our renowned wired sensors with the added advantages of simple and fast installation, flexibility and cost savings on total installation.