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GL-CO Gas Leak Alarm System


A range of stand-alone gas leak alarm Systems for use in commercial / industrial gas installations to provide safety alarm and shutdown facilities on detection of gas leakage.


  • 1, 2 & 3 channel options
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Adjustable alarm sensitivity
  • Relay output for gas shut-off valves
  • Relay output for remote alarms
  • Auto or manual reset selectable
  • Self-diagnosis fault system


Download full datasheets for these products below.

Code Name Price Quantity
GL-CO-RFG-361 Gas Leak Alarm System 1 Channel
1+ (USD) $565.58
GL-CO-RFG-651 Gas Leak Alarm System 1 Channel Panel
1+ (USD) $770.05
GL-CO-RFG-652 Gas Leak Alarm System 2 Channel Panel
1+ (USD) $878.84
GL-CO-RFG-653 Gas Leak Alarm System 3 Channel Panel
1+ (USD) $939.13
GL-CO-RFG-FMK3 Panel Mount Kit for RFG361
1+ (USD) $96.35
GL-CO-RFG-FMK6 Panel Mount Kit for RFG651,652,653
1+ (USD) $144.85
GL-CO-RFG-WMK6 Wall Mounting Kit For RFG651/652/653
1+ (USD) $144.85
GL-CO-SRS-150 Combustibles Sensor Wall Mnt Natural Gas
1+ (USD) $196.60
GL-CO-SRS-250 Propane/LPG Sensor Wall Mount
1+ (USD) $196.60
GL-CO-SRS-350 Carbon Monoxide Sensor Wall Mount
1+ (USD) $204.47