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PA-DPS Air DP Switches


These are highly sensitive air differential pressure switches, suitable for providing an indication of fan status and ‘dirty filter’ conditions. The switching setpoint is adjusted by means of a knob mounted under the main cover. Units are supplied complete with a duct fixing kit.


  • Duct fixing kit included
  • IP54 or IP65 housing option
  • One screw needed for housing cover
  • Scale in Pascal's


Download full datasheets for these products below.

Code Name Price Quantity
PA-DPS-83 Air DP Switch 50-500pa with DFK
1+ (USD) $33.61
PA-DPS-85 Air DP Switch 200-1000pa with DFK
1+ (USD) $33.61
PA-DPS-88 Air DP Switch 20-300Pa c/w DFK with DFK
1+ (USD) $33.61
PA-DPS-90W Air DP Switch 20 to 300Pa IP65 with DFK
1+ (USD) $72.05
PA-DPS-91W Air DP Switch 50 to 500Pa IP65 with DFK
1+ (USD) $72.05
PA-DPS-92W Air DP Switch 100 to 1000Pa IP65 with DFK
1+ (USD) $72.05
PA-DPS-94W Air DP Switch 500 to 2000Pa IP65 with DFK
1+ (USD) $72.05
Code Name Price Quantity
PA-DPS-B Right Angled Mounting Bracket PA930
1+ (USD) $8.00