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PL-52x Static Pressure Transmitter

The PL-52x range of static pressure transmitters are suitable for use with a large range of liquids and gases compatible with the FPM (Viton) seal. The pressure transmitter is based on proven ceramic technology for exceptional performance speed and reliability.

From $252.87
PL-625 Static Pressure Switches

Features optimised polymer diaphragm technology to give long term stability and excellent repeatability of switching points and housed within a rugged industrial case.

From $128.20
PL-630-A Differential Pressure Switches

Ideal for flow monitoring and proving applications in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems.

From $227.51
PL-652 Low Range Differential Pressure Sensors

A sensor for liquids and gases which uses the ‘Hall Effect’ sensing technology. The high over pressure resilience and rugged mechanical construction make this product suitable for a wide range of HVAC applications.

From $557.97
PL-692 Differential Pressure Sensors

For high accuracy and close control applications, the PL-692 features ceramic sensing technology for exceptional accuracy and reliability. The amplified sensing technologies allow high temperature stability and no creepage associated with mechanical systems.

From $472.58
PL-FD113 Liquid DP Switch

Liquid differential pressure switch suitable for monitoring flow status across pumps, chillers, valves etc. The switch has an adjustable set point from 0.3 bar to 4.5 bar with a fixed differential of 0.2 bar.

From $136.98
PL-PSA Liquid Pressure Switches

Adjustable pressure switches, suitable for the monitoring of flow failure and proving in pumps, chillers, valves etc. Units have an adjustable setpoint and differential.

From $66.06