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PM-EM24 Energy Analyser (DIN-rail)


The PM-EM24 DIN-rail mounted energy analyser is designed for active and reactive energy metering. When using the optional RS-485 ModBus output it is possible to connect up to three additional pulse inputs from other metering equipment enabling all consumption data to be read from just one meter. PM-EM24 features eight user-selectable applications are available to allow fast setup, with lockable programme selector, and joystick control of up to 31 LCD display pages. Standard meters are non-MID. For billing use, add annex -D option. Extra system information is required please contact Sontay Support.


  • Gas and water measurements and multi-tariff management in one unit
  • Easy variable scrolling by means of the front joystick
  • Pulsed or ModBus output options
  • 5A CT secondary current
  • Two digital outputs (alarms or/and pulses) or RS485 communication port


Download full datasheets for these products below.

Code Name Price Quantity
PM-EM24-M Energy Analyser - Modbus
1+ (USD) $830.84
PM-EM24-M-D Energy Analyser - Modbus Certified Annex D
1+ (USD) $1100.53
PM-EM24-P Energy Analyser - Pulsed
1+ (USD) $649.38
PM-EM24-P-D Energy Analyser - Pulsed Certified Annex D
1+ (USD) $830.84
Code Name Price Quantity
PM-PMK Panel Door Mounting Kit
1+ (USD) $57.46