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UI-500 - User Interface - Individual Solutions

In addition to our standard range of sensors we are able to manufacture user interface equipment to your specifications. Typically this would be a single or twin gang plate styled to match other equipment on a project. We can fit a large range of devices to UI-500 products including sensors, setpoint adjustments and LCDs. The examples on this page are just a few of the types, designs and options we can supply. All of our user interface products are designed and built to your exact requirements. From custom engraving to LCD displays, switches and setpoints, we can supply a solution that fits your needs. If you have a requirement, please call our technical support on +44 (0) 1732 861218 or email support@sontay.com.

UI-AA-1-F Alarm Annunciator

The UI-AA-1-F is used in conjunction with analogue or VFC signals to provide low cost local audible and visual alarm facilities. The units can accept voltage, current and VFC switched inputs. Adjustment of alarm threshold and the time delay before an alarm is standard on all models. A mute button silences the audible alarm, whilst the visual alarm will not reset until the monitored parameter returns to within its desired range.

From $161.87