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Water Detection & Emergency Products

WD-CPS Condensation Prevention Sensor

The WD-CPS Condensation Prevention Sensor provides the closest safeguard of condensation as it calculates the actual dewpoint based on the ambient relative humidity and the temperature of the surface. The user can even adjust the switching point within a range of ±3˚C of the dewpoint. It also outputs the measured level condensation using a 4-20mA control signal and gives additional LED indication on its status.

From $140.10
WD-CPS-R Condensation Detection Plate

The WD-CPSR Condensation Detection Plate acts as a resistive switch once condensation occurs on cold surfaces. Its detachable cable connection allows simple replacement without the need to replace wiring. Replacement plates are available for regular maintenance (plates ONLY cable not included).

From N/A
WD-CPS-UN Condensation Prevention Switch

The WD-CPS-UN Condensation Prevention Switch monitors the relative humidity and changes the state of the VFC to prevent “indoor rain” at a fixed set point and before it causes any damage to the building structure. It is a very cost efficient solution to protect buildings and assets from any condensation.

From $116.47