The stunning Adare Manor hotel in County Limerick, Ireland has been beautifully restored to its former gothic glory and is now providing a relaxing and comfortable ambience for guests, thanks to a sophisticated building management system (BMS) that features a range of Sontay sensors.  

Limerick based system integrator, Manutec Computerised Control Systems, selected over 1,000 Sontay sensing devices to provide the eyes and ears for the Tridium BMS used to monitor and control HVAC services across the entire hotel. 

Located in 840 acres of pristine parkland, this magnificent 19th century Manor House, originally the home of the Earls of Dunraven, has been renovated throughout and turned into an award-winning, five-star hotel and golf resort. 

The hotel was closed for 18 months in order to complete the refurbishment and construct a whole new building, which is linked to the original manor house by a colonnade. This now increases the number of bedrooms at the hotel from 62 to 104.

During the refurbishment, every aspect of the hotel was completely renewed including the building services. A new air conditioning system was installed to improve the environmental conditions for the guests and staff. Many details in the bedrooms can also be controlled by an iPad/TV: opening curtains, turning off lights or adjusting the air conditioning.

As part of its extensive work on the BMS, Manutec selected various temperature, CO2, relative humidity and CO sensors from Sontay along with differential pressure sensors and switches.  

“Due to the sensitive nature of the building’s interior and its structure, we had to carefully consider what controls products we selected. We have used Sontay sensors on a number of projects and knew they would provide the accurate and reliable measurements we required.”
John Connellan Managing Director Manutec

The majority of Sontay products installed on the site are TT-1000 and GS-CO2 sensors. These space sensors are in various areas of the hotel and are used to accurately monitor the temperature and CO2 levels. 

To ensure everything at the hotel is working as efficiently as possible whilst still maintaining the right comfort levels guests and employees expect, Sontay products are measuring and analysing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout the building. 

The TT-341 and TT-PO immersion sensors and pockets are measuring the temperature of liquids in pipework whilst the TT-555 Flying Lead sensors are measuring the off-coil air temperature of each fan-coil unit. The project also includes the PL-692 Liquid Differential Pressure transmitters for branch pressure monitoring to control the speed of the pumps. Also included are PA-930 Air Differential Pressure transmitters and Switches, Frost Stats ST-FRE, Duct Pressure Sensors PA-65 for each AHU. Duct mounted GS-CO2-RHT-622 temperature, CO2 and relative humidity sensors have also been chosen as well as TT-325 Duct Averaging Temp Sensors for each AHU. Manutec has also installed GS-S range of sensors to accurately monitor Nitrogen dioxide, Oxygen and Sulphur dioxide (SO²) levels. 

John continues, “Sensing devices are vital to keep the BMS working effectively and with Sontay you know that their products are reliable and will work once the project is completed. They are also easy to install and commission which saves us time on the installation process. We’re delighted with the end result as is the owner of the hotel.”