Sontay, a company at the forefront of the smart buildings revolution, has welcomed Quality Assurance Engineer Raj Thayalaraj to its flourishing team. It is a new position at the company, which will drive Sontay’s quality assurance process as the business continues its exponential growth.

The demand for healthier indoor environments and optimised energy use is meaning more and more commercial and residential schemes are utilising building management systems to assure occupancy comfort levels and conserve energy. As smart devices in the form of building sensors are a core element of this drive, Sontay is seeing a growing demand for its solutions. It is why Sontay introduced the new role of Quality Assurance Engineer, to meet with this industry-wide need and assure Sontay is consistently exceeding its high standards.

Within this role, Raj will be responsible for the design and delivery of all quality control and assurance activities and objectives at Sontay. As well as being tasked with reviewing and managing manufacturing materials and processes against quality requirements, Raj will be leading a culture of continuous improvement within the quality system. He will develop inspection and test procedures to ensure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of quality.

The position is part of Sontay’s wider goal to continually offer high levels of quality and customer service. Speaking on his new role Raj said: “Sontay is one of the market-leading providers for the building industry. I can see my experience (30 years in the defence sector) will be very useful to the company. It will give me great satisfaction to work in a fresh and vibrant role. It is an exciting time to move into construction and the HVAC sectors!”