Growth is important to Sontay. It assures us that we are heading in the right direction and creating an environment where people want to work. It is why we are pleased to announce our newest recruit, Graduate Sales Executive Tristan Landi, a newcomer with a very bright future who will help head-up Sontay’s operations in the French market.

The rise of smart technology is showing the demand for sensors is increasing. Sports psychology graduate Tristan has, therefore, arrived at the perfect time in which Sontay is developing its dynamic presence in the in-demand French market.

But what drew him to Sontay? “For me, I wanted to be in role where I could engage with people,” begins Tristan. “The entire team has been so welcoming and I really felt as if I had a place at Sontay. You have to be in a company that values you and that recognises you for the work you do. I felt like I could get a lot of experience here and could learn from other people, compared to being in a larger corporation. I’ve been here for a short time, yet it was made quickly apparent to me that everyone gets on with each other and wants the same thing for the company. On a different note, I was also keenly aware that I needed to be in a performance-based role”, continues Tristan. “I put the competitiveness down to years of playing rugby and being a Harlequins fan…”

Tristan will be using the skills he has learnt in sport psychology at Sontay. “My day-to-day role is heavily reliant on interacting with people; understanding how the regions are doing, managing relationships with customers and helping them resolve an issue,” Tristan highlights. “It is really important to be able to get into their mindset. It helps you to understand how they feel, which subsequently aids the formation of relationships. Whilst this is less of a skill and more of an approach, it’s still something which I’ve realised is essential to how I’ll work.”

Ultimately, Tristan wants to be the best he can be for Sontay and the French regions. “Sontay has worked on some inspiring projects, from the France 3 Normandie HQ to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in Ireland. I believe there is ample potential for me to thrive in this sales role. It allows you to be on the frontline of the company. One of the concerns I had with becoming a sport psychologist was that you were destined to be on the wing of the process and would get little to no recognition for hard work. In sales I would be given the responsibility to drive success for the business and contribute revenue, whilst being rewarded for my commitment.”

In terms of what Tristan hopes to achieve at Sontay, it seems limit does not exist. “I am a committed person and look forward to kick-starting my sales career at Sontay. At the moment I am dedicating myself to the training aspect. It’s crucial to get the foundations right and there are lots of technical details to learn regarding Sontay’s product range. Surprisingly, whilst I can speak French, I am learning words and industry terminologies I didn’t know! It’s a positive learning curve. I’m really focused on being the best face for Sontay in the French market.”

Tristan has made a solid start at Sontay. What are his hopes and ambitions in the company? “I am keen to get to grips with the role as soon as possible and then hone my skillset and contribute to the company and the French regions”, Tristan pinpoints. “There is lots of potential in France and I am excited to work with everyone in the company to unlock more of its potential!”