Smart Networkable Controllers

These are specifically designed for straightforward and accurate control of heat pump, rooftop 
unit, fan coil units (2 or 4-pipes) or any other heating/cooling equipment or humidity control. 
Its field-configurable algorithms allow for versatility when implementing required control sequences.

Accurate control of heating/cooling equipment or humidity control.

The ideal project for Smart Networkable Controllers


Assure a balanced heated environment where temperature is accurately controlled to offer optimal results.


Accurate control of cooled environments to maintain 
optimal conditions for people and technology.


Humidity can impact performance of man and machine. Control effectively using the


  • Heat pump, humidity control or general unit controller
  • Fan control: 1, 2 or 3-speed (auto/on) or analog (EMC)
  • Precise temperature control with configurable PI function
  • Low limit set protection
  • Occupancy and night set back mode


  • Selectable BACnet or Modbus communication
  • MAC address set via menu or network
  • Copy & broadcast configuration to other controllers (BACnet only)
  • BACnet schedular (up to 6 events per day)
  • Supports CVO (BACnet only)


Offer greater control

Enable individual room control to offer efficiencies, comfort and wellbeing.

  • Control high accuracy heating, cooling and humidity within an environment
  • Operate your systems efficiently
  • Make your occupants happy


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