Introducing SORA!

SORA combines the tried, tested and trusted sensing reliability of Sontay sensing devices with the unrivalled wireless power of LoRaWAN technology, SORA is set to change the way building sensors are selected and installed for the future.

End users can see vast improvements in a short period of time on their ambient conditions and energy efficiencies with minimal disruption.

The name SORA is a combination of the
2 key fundamentals of the product:

It is Japanese for sky which perfectly describes the possibilities and capabilities of the range.

How far can SORA go?

Connectivity has been demonstrated to reach an excess of 10KM in plain sight.

What is LoRaWAN?

  • LoRaWAN is a wireless sensor network technology associated with IoT applications
  • It stands for Long Range Wide Area Network
  • It uses license-free frequencies to transmit information
  • Uses CHIRP Spread Spectrum technology for reliable, low-powered, long distance communications
  • Communication range in excess of 10km outdoors
  • Excellent resilience against attenuation in indoor environments

How does it work?

  • LoRaWAN uses a license-free frequency spectrum for transmitting data
  • Networks support frequencies from the sub-gigaHertz range and also 2.4 GHz
  • Higher frequencies can allow greater bandwidth

SORA Features

Go the distance

SORA has the wireless capability to cover substantial areas and penetrate through materials that would have been a challenge for other wireless systems.

Low Power

The whole ethos behind LoRaWAN is that it runs on low power. This leads to extraordinary battery longevity in the field.


SORA offers excellent security with the state-of-the-art dedicated end-to-end encryption designed into LoRaWAN technology.

Why is SORA different?

  • SORA’s sensing pedigree is based on Sontay’s trusted sensing devices with the wireless technology of LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is different to any other wireless sensing networks out there due to it being an open-protocol technology. This enables total interoperability with other devices. Compared to legacy systems, there are multiple advantages including reliability, security and range.
  • The architecture of LoRaWAN make SORA a sensor network rather than a means of simply transmitting data from one point to another. Once the data is available at the application server part of the network it is available to other applications or via another protocol. Effectively this creates a data set which is not limited by manufacturer, building or geographical constraints. Data exists in a manner in which it can be consumed, whether that is for a control algorithm or as part of an analytical data set.
  • LoRaWAN also has a range of API’s to expose data to other relevant systems such as REST API, MQTT broker or BACnet/IP objects. SORA has been developed with a gateway that integrates specifically with BACnet or Modbus protocols which are typically used in building controls applications.

SORA Ideal Applications

SORA provides a vast range of benefits on a variety on applications and is ideal for anywhere that requires a simple installation with a short turnaround and minimum cost.

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