Alex recently started at Sontay where he joined the Technical Department. Alex is new to the industry and is learning so much already and is keen to expand his knowledge. He is excited to work with such a talented team and see where his work at Sontay can take him.


When did you join the team?
February 2023              


What is your 'Sontay moment'?
I don’t know if I have a single moment. Being able to work with such a good team is very motivating.    


What is your favourite part of being at Sontay?
No two days are the same and being able to help in my own department as well as others means that I learn about everything that goes into making the business operate. 


What is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by improving myself and getting better in what I’m doing.


What do you do outside of Sontay?    
Outside of Sontay I like to play and listen to music and going to live events.