Stacey has been an integral part of the customer support team since 2001. Starting as a Customer Service Advisor, she has worked her way up, taking on the management of many vital customer support areas within the company.

Stacey now oversees Sales & Technical Support, Internal Sales, Marketing and operation of the customer orientated focus of the business, there are not many areas where Stacey does not have an input. Stacey has great knowledge of the industry and the people in it as well as an excellent grasp of why customers buy from us. 

When did you join the team?

I became part of Team Sontay in December 2001 – A very long time ago!

What is your 'Sontay moment'?

There have been many over the years but one that stands out is being the first female to become part of the Senior Management Team in a particularly male orientated industry. This was 10 years ago now and others have joined me since.

What is your favourite part of being at Sontay?

I love the diversity of my role. I can be involved with all sorts of projects from organising exhibitions to managing catalogue and website projects and getting involved in product development. I get real satisfaction from coming up with new ideas and concepts as well as solutions.

My inspirations?

I gain inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. From my 93 year old Grandmother to my 5 year old son as well as colleagues past and present. People, places, sights, sounds, attitudes, compassion, energy all inspire me!

What do you do outside of Sontay?

  • Devote time to my family and loved ones
  • I enjoy acting like a big kid with my son
  • Taking our crazy Labrador for long walks
  • Helping others
  • Watching a good box set on Netflix
  • Being entertained at music concerts and the theatre
  • Catching up with friends