Commercial and Marketing Director at Sontay, Stacey Lucas, has joined the Building Control Industry Association’s (BCIA’s) Management Committee. She brings 20 years of industry experience to the role in which she will be responsible, alongside other committee members, for making key decisions on behalf of association members.  

She said: “Over the years the BCIA has been a voice for the industry and has been instrumental is raising standards. I aim to add my own voice to the committee to support the association’s aims and the building controls and building energy management systems (BEMS) sector, as it addresses the skills shortage in the industry.

“This sector is quite niche and relatively unknown compared to other trades. Everyone has heard of an electrician or plumber, but not a building controls engineer. Through the BCIA I hope to help grow awareness of the various career paths in the industry and demonstrate that this sector is an exciting career option for school, college, and university leavers.”

Stacey has seen and learnt a great deal from her time at Sontay, a leading manufacturer of smart sensing devices, giving her a deep knowledge and understanding of the manufacture and supplying of peripherals. She has also worked with a large variety of systems integrator companies within the sector which gives her a broad insight into their perspective. She can see how much the industry has changed and evolved over the years.

“The industry is in the middle of the biggest transformation that I have seen during my time in the sector. The transition from traditional analogue signals being used to transmit information through scalings in a controller to real-time specific data is rapidly occurring. IT services and software now play a major part in the operation of building management systems, and I can only see this continuing to grow.”
Stacey Lucas Commercial and Marketing Director Sontay