This assessed course gives an overview of the systems and technologies used in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry.

Building control and building management systems are also covered. This course is designed for engineers and technicians who have some knowledge and field experience with a minimum period of one year within the industry. It is also recommended that candidates complete Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Technology (BCM01) first.


At the end of this course, delegates will understand:

  • The basics of measuring technology.
  • Dynamic response, time delays and time constants.
  • Tolerance and measuring errors.
  • Measured variables in HVAC.
  • The placement and installation of sensors.
  • Measuring concept and planning.
  • Controllers, classification, PID and mode of operation.
  • Control loop, gain, stability, characteristics.
  • Course Content
  • Measuring technology.
  • Fundamentals of measurement.
  • Measured variables in HVAC.
  • Transmission action.
  • The different types of controllers and control loops.
  • Locating and mounting sensors.
  • Measuring concept / planning.
  • Control technology.
  • Introduction to control technology.
  • The controlled system.
  • The different types of controllers and control loops.
  • Digital Direct Control (DDC).
  • End of course assessment.

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