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Water Detection & Emergency Products

EP-FS- Firemans Switches

This range of Safety Switches in lower case is for use in the event of fire or other emergency. Usually located at exits to gas plant rooms, units are key operated with a 2 or 3-position latching switch. It is ideal for use in situations where a glass window would pose a hazard, i.e. food preparation areas, schools etc.

From $70.72
EP-KL - Emergency Stop Button Key Lock Mushroom Type

Emergency Stop Button, lock re-set with 2 sets of keys provided.

From $56.04
EP-SW-11 - Emergency Stop Button

Emergency stop button, twist to re-set for manual shutdown of systems in the event of fire or other emergency.

From $46.70
EP-SW-72 - Thermal Link

The EP-SW-72 is for use in gas safety circuits. Units consist of a ventilated high temperature glass filled resin case, with electrical connection terminals and a thermal fuse. When located above boilers, the fuse activates on detection of over-temperature to close down the gas system. Replacement fuses are available.

From $5.33