In the field of sustainable energy, Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants stand out as innovative solutions. Our customer Exeon has used our devices in an AD food processing plant, which processes food waste to generate renewable biogas and electricity, is a prime example. However, the challenge of managing odour emissions remained. Enter Sontay, with its commitment to enhancing living environments and ensuring the highest quality standards.

The Challenge:
The AD facility, while pioneering in its approach to energy, faced a significant issue: the high odour levels emanating from food waste processing. This not only led to complaints from the local community but also affected the internal office environment. An existing ionisation system was in place, but it failed to address the odour problem effectively.

Sontay's Innovative Solution:
1.    Pressure Monitoring with PA-699 Sensors: These sensors are crucial in detecting changes in pressure, which could indicate system failures, blocked filters, or leaks. By maintaining optimal pressure, the odorous gases are effectively contained.
2.    Humidity and Temperature Regulation with RH-D-AH Sensors: These sensors monitor the relative humidity and temperature levels with an accuracy of ±2%. They ensure the right conditions within the plant and offer energy-saving opportunities, such as adjusting fan speeds based on pressure levels.
3.    Exeon's Carbon Filtration System: After a detailed analysis and survey of the existing plant, Exeon introduced a twin dual-bed activated carbon unit. This system, complete with a 90KW fan and an 18M stack, effectively filters out the odours. A high-efficiency particulate pre-filter ensures the longevity and efficiency of the carbon bed.

The combined efforts of Sontay's sensors and Exeon's filtration system yielded impressive results. Odour levels were drastically reduced from around 6000 ouE/m3 at the inlet to approximately 200 ouE/m3 at the outlet. Tests conducted six months later confirmed the consistency of these results.

Sontay's collaboration with Exeon underscores the brand's dedication to improving living environments and its commitment to quality and innovation. By integrating modern technologies and addressing specific challenges, Sontay continues to set benchmarks in the HVAC industry. This project is a testament to the brand's forward-thinking approach and its unwavering commitment to community well-being and sustainability.