In 2018 Kings College Hospital in London completed an £80million extension to its existing CCU building to provide vital new CCU and isolation room bed space. Part of the project included installing a sophisticated building management system (BMS), which features an extensive range of building control peripherals from the market leader, Sontay, to ensure these critical areas of the hospital are controlled and monitored accurately.  

The building was extended within a fixed budget and to a tight deadline to allow the existing CCU to remain operational during the renovation process and give patients immediate use of its services. Siemsatec, a specialist in Building Management System (BMS) design, installation and maintenance based in Beckenham, London, was tasked with installing the BMS for the new space.

The BMS needed to give simple control over the HVAC plant to keep patients comfortable, help streamline their budget, and offer comfort to the patients through effective temperature control. It was also important that the hospital could ensure the efficient running of the building for energy and cost saving benefits.

Siemsatec took on the full system design and management of the project from start to finish, installing a Trend IQ4 and 963 BMS along with a range of Sontay solutions, which monitor all of the AHUs as well as the LTHW & CHW plant within the CCU bed spaces. Sontay manufacturers a range of field devices that can monitor all aspects of a commercial building, allowing Siemsatec to select exactly what they required for each application. The Sontay products selected include temperature and combined temperature and humidity sensors to monitor environmental conditions on the wards, as well as immersion thermostats, frost thermostats, air & water differential pressure switches, air differential sensors, flow grids, smoke detectors, water detection and thyristor controllers to monitor the building service equipment.

“The new control system ensured the facilities team could manage and monitor the system with ease to improve overall efficiency and respond to the needs of both patients and staff in the building,” comments Joe Bailey, Project Manager at Siemsatec. “We decided to use Sontay because of the reliability and quality products. They are also easy to install and worked well once in place.  easy to install, prompt delivery. The prompt delivery Sontay offers also helped us deliver the completed project on time.”

Following the installation and the completion of the project, the facilities management team at the hospital can now manage, monitor and adapt the control system quickly and easily. They can also ensure the hospital is operating as efficiently as possible and respond to the needs of both patients and staff within the building.