The construction of the new Gold Stone Centre in Beijing, China required a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS) featuring a vast number of Sontay sensing and measuring devices all installed by Netherlands based building automation specialist, Air Traxx. 

The project is due for completion in 2016 and consists of three 22 floor tower blocks built in parallel with four floors being built underground. Once completed, the buildings will cover 240,000m² with 120,000m² of office space and 120,000m² of retail and parking space. Air Traxx has designed and installed a complete BMS and energy saving climate control solution that meets Western standards. 

“It was essential that the new buildings had energy saving climate control installed,” comments Frank Smit, Director of Air-TraXX B.V. “Beijing has cold winters, warm summers and the humidity levels prove challenging. With the VAVI system of Air-TraXX we can control the climate control system for the end user. Due to the stability and good quality of the Sontay sensors we can provide the building with fresh clean air from outside, with the right temperature and humidity.” 

Air Traxx has installed a number of Sontay’s products, including temperature sensors, Air DP sensors and liquid pressure sensors. Over 50 PA-699 multi-range differential pressure transmitters have been used on the project, which incorporate a proven ceramic fulcrum lever technology for pressure measurement. The PA-699 also has three field scalable ranges in one unit, providing versatility for a multitude of applications. 

The Sontay TT-341 immersion sensors have also been utilised in the buildings, which have been used for measuring the temperature of liquids in pipework. The units contain a high quality thermistor, nickel or platinum element. The sensing element itself is housed in a stainless steel probe fitted to an IP65 rated enclosure and, on this project, has been mounted directly into the TT-PO521 immersion sensor pocket.  

Sontay has also provided 27 of the PL-528 static pressure transmitters to Air-TraXX for the project. These transmitters are suitable for use with a large range of liquids and gases compatible with the FPM (Viton) seal.