Sontay has successfully provided a smart, wireless Building Management System (BMS) solution for a large, central shopping centre in Sydney, Australia. The large project required a stable system that could effectively monitor and operate across three individual zones, supporting a huge amount of Mechanical and HVAC equipment. 

Macarthur Square stands as the premier shopping destination in southwest Sydney, offering a range of shopping, dining and entertainment facilities in a contemporary venue. Spanning three levels, the facility is home to major retailers such as Target, Aldi and Woolworths, alongside exciting attractions such as Kingpin Bowling and a state-of-the-art cinema. Additionally, visitors can enjoy outdoor entertainment and dining. Emphasising its commitment to sustainability, the centre incorporates a sophisticated rainwater collection system and maintains permanent monitoring of water usage. 

Regular Sontay client, ControlStore was sought out to implement a cutting-edge smart building management system (BMS) that would effectively regulate temperatures throughout the entire complex. Sontay, renowned for its comprehensive range of smart peripheral devices and technical expertise, was entrusted to establish the system. Prior to implementation, Sontay conducted an exhaustive on-site survey in collaboration with the system integrator, ensuring a tailored product based on the survey’s findings. 

Sontay delivered a total of 54 temperature sensors, 13 routers and three receivers with aerial extensions. Alongside its innovative and reliable products, Sontay provided invaluable technical expertise, offering post-installation live testing and expert guidance. 

The resulting system stands as a testament to its effectiveness and dependability, providing an impressive solution for monitoring temperature across a vast expanse of the complex. Visitors to the Macarthur shopping centre can now rest assured, knowing that their comfort is prioritised within the establishment.